About Us

Overview of Performance Insights

Performance Insights was founded in 2009 to provide contemporary and commercially-relevant consulting solutions and insight tools to enhance individual and organisational effectiveness in business critical roles.

Our two founding Directors, Clare Beumont & Sarah Kearney, have backgrounds in organisational psychology with over 30 years combined experience consulting to organisations in Australia, Asia Pacific, the UK and Western Europe. They have both held senior leadership roles in multi-national organisations and understand the challenges and constraints faced by today’s business executives.

Sarah and Clare have both worked with the global leader in psychometric assessment tools, SHL Group, for many years - and have conducted thousands of executive assessments, assessment and development centres, competency design and coaching projects with private and public sector clients.

Our philosophy is to respond to market needs and develop high-value consultancy services and unique insight tools which are applied to enhance organisational and individual capability and effectiveness.


“We do not believe that the same behaviours and attributes are appropriate across different disciplines or roles, and our research supports the value of targeting the specific behaviours that differentiate success.”

Consultancy Services

Our consultancy services assist our clients to assess, benchmark and develop individual and organisational capability and effectiveness. We provide solutions for Leadership Development and Talent Management, utilising competency design, executive assessment and coaching and training methodologies to deliver objective, quantifiable and pragmatic results for middle management, senior leadership and executive roles.

Insight Tools

Our insight tools assist organisations to realise their commercial and strategic objectives by ensuring that they have the right people focusing on the right activities in business critical roles.

We provide behavioural assessment questionnaires for selection and development purposes in areas where there is a clear market gap, and where the impact for organisational success is high. Our tools and their outputs are pragmatic, relevant and designed to look and feel appropriate for the populations they were designed to measure.