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Find out more about the SPI-Q and how it can help you:

  • Select the best Sales Professionals
  • Leverage the strengths of your Sales Force
  • Develop your Sales Team

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Sales Performance Insights

The most critical requirement on today's corporate agenda is to effectively predict sales success, resulting in the much anticipated launch of our inaugural product - Sales Performance Insights (SPI-Q).

Your need: A high performing sales team

Sales generation is the most critical activity within any commercial organisation. Yet identifying and retaining high performing sales talent continues to elude many organisations.

Never before has the positive impact of a high performing sales professional been so pronounced.

We all know the catastrophic impact a poor performing sales professional can have on an organisation:

  • Erosion of brand and reputation
  • Lost clients
  • Diminished hard-earned competitive advantage
  • Disruption of high-performing teams
  • Ultimately reduced bottom line through lost sales

Getting it right when it comes to hiring your sales team is critical. A successful sales person will not only enable your organisation to ride out the economic uncertainty but will ensure you are ready to seize the opportunities that present during the recovery.

The time to act is now

Our response: Sales Performance Insights

Performance Insights is addressing this need through a ground-breaking insight tool - Sales Performance Insights (SPI-Q).

How do you determine whether your sales candidates have the right qualities?

SPI-Q has been developed in Australia and focuses on behaviours that are uniquely relevant to sales.

It is the only product in the market that predicts the multi-dimensional characteristics required by today's sales professional.

SPI-Q will enable organisations to measure the subtle but critical characteristics that differentiate successful sales people. Our research shows that there are subtle but important differences between:

  • Influence and Negotiation
  • Impact and Credibility
  • Initiation and Social Leverage
  • Resilience and Self Belief

These, and many other characteristics do differentiate high-performing sales professionals.

The answer is SPI-Q

Your return: Sales teams that deliver results

Hiring high-performing sales professionals - first time and every time - is the ultimate goal. Using SPI-Q as part of your selection process will help you realise this goal.

Your sales team are the primary interface between your organisation and your clients. Only when you get that interface right will you achieve true competitive advantage.

SPI-Q will enable your organisation to:

  • Make better informed recruitment decisions about sales candidates
  • Minimise time managing poor performance
  • Better target your development investment
  • Extract the greatest value from existing sales talent
  • Reduce all risks associated with poor sales professionals

And of course...

  • Increase your sales success

Can you afford not to?