Performance Insights has an extensive network of professional partners and frequently works in collaborations with these partners to ensure our clients have access to the right tools, expertise and global reach. We are proud to be associated with the following partnering organisations:

Channel Partners


Thought Leaders in 21st century sales training, sales coaching, sales consulting and sales performance



International Partners

Vessey Hopper McVeigh (UK)

Westgrave Consulting (NZ)

Technology and Product Partners


Saville Consulting

Psychometric and Statistical Partners

Kendall Want Associates


Prior to forming Performance Insights, Sarah Kearney and Clare Beumont owned independent consulting practices. These websites will remain active for a finite duration and thus the links are included here as they provide additional context and details of the consulting experience of these two directors.

Sarah Kearney Consulting

Evolution Consulting

If you are interested in partnering with Performance Insights then please contact us