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Here's what some of our customers have said about Performance Insights...

Allianz Australia

I have worked with the individuals who make up the Performance Insights team for many years, in various capacities. I followed them as a client when they formed Peformance Insights due to their credibility in the market, consistent professionalism and reliability to see a project through. The technical expertise I can rely on is coupled with a commercial maturity and pragmatic application that is rare to find in the Organisational Psychology/Organisational Development field and this is the distinction that Performance Insights brings for me in my role. I can trust Performance Insights to be an extension of my team as a true partner who will maintain the standards that are set at Allianz.

Sonia Allinson
Head of HR Shared Services
Head Office, Munich
(previously Talent and Employee Development Manager, Sydney)

Lloyds International Australia

Performance Insights' Development Assessment program provides a great framework for the employer and employee to undertake a health check on employee career performance and opportunities. Upon undertaking the assessment and receiving the documented report, I found the feedback session an excellent opportunity to review and interpret the key themes of the Development Assessment. Performance Insights take the time to explore career aspirations and opportunities as well as providing useful guidance on how to take the next steps in leveraging the feedback and your inherent strengths.

The assessment is approached from different angles so as to provide a cross check of employee performance across the targeted behaviours. The assessment outcomes are clearly articulated and supported by specific and tailored commentary that can then form the basis for the future focus on strengths and development opportunities.

Richard Batten
Director Business Support Unit - Property
BOS International (Australia) Limited
Capital Finance Australia Limited

The IQ Business Group (Pty) Ltd

The IQ Business Group had been looking for a contemporary and reliable assessment tool for sales professionals for a while and so we were delighted to learn about the development and launch of the Sales Performance Insights Questionnaire (SPI-Q).

We have a sales force working in complex business to business sales and so were particularly happy to see that the SPI-Q provides insights into a number of behaviours that are very relevant to the type of sales our team do - specifically establishing credibility, understanding client issues, building long term client relationships, and developing appropriate client solutions.

In our experience, no other psychometric tool in the market provides this level of insight into the requirements of sales professionals in today's contemporary and challenging environment and we have integrated SPI-Q into the selection process for all our sales and business development professionals. The tool gives us valuable insights to explore in subsequent interviews and reference checks and is priced at a highly competitive rate.

We have also been very pleased with the support we received around interpreting and understanding the tool when we first started using it, but are now fully self-sufficient as the interpreted reporting format makes it very easy to use. Ultimately we were able to bring in some very strong sales professionals using this tool.

Brian Mitchell
National Sales Manager
The IQ Business Group (Pty) Ltd
Intelligence. Applied

National Australia Bank

I found my feedback session on the Sales Performance Insights Questionnaire (SPI-Q) to be very worthwhile. I agree with my evaluation results and believe the questionnaire adds value in the recruitment of new sales professionals, and with on-going management and development of existing team members. I especially see potential to ensure that team members are leveraging their strengths and enjoying their current roles and for creating opportunities for team members to assess new roles they may be better suited to.

I found the questionnaire easy to follow and complete, and think that the time investment was definitely worthwhile.

Mark Huirua
Associate Director, Risk & Capital Solutions
Client Solutions & Advisory
National Australia Bank

Corrs Chambers Westgarth

I have worked closely with the Performance Insights team over the past 18 months. The Consulting Team has taken on a true partnership role with myself and the firm by providing leadership assessment, leadership development and executive coaching for members of our executive team and partners. Performance Insights’ extensive experience in the areas of people and business leadership, and their ability to understand and adapt to our changing needs, have shown them to be a trusted advisor and we look forward to continuing this professional partnership with Performance Insights.

Karen Bennett
National People Development Manager
Corrs Chambers Westgarth

Ambulance Service of NSW

Organisations often find that internal human resources do not have definitive skills in organisation behavioural analysis. On these occasions it is necessary to seek a service provider in which you are confident.

The Ambulance Service of NSW has worked with Performance Insights since 2008 providing programs for mentoring and development of senior managers in the Service. 

A tailored and detailed schedule was developed, noting meeting dates, key issues of concern, assessment tools and a broad set of goals and when these were achieved. 

On completion of the management development coaching programs, a vast improvement was noticed in the leadership capability and confidence of the senior managers involved, benefiting not only the individuals, but also the Service.

Mike Willis
General Manager, Operations
Ambulance Service of NSW


Even our most cynical sales managers responded really positively to the SPI-Q insights and feedback discussions. The development program was a real success.

Helen Casey
HR Director

For more on Amcor's use of SPI-Q, see Harnessing Amcor's Sales DNA