Consulting Solutions

Our services enable the successful execution of your HR and talent strategies. We specialise in designing and implementing solutions that will help you select, develop and retain your best people.

Performance Insights offers clients a unique combination of high profile HR consulting experience with real life leadership expertise. The blend of best practice psychological principles with pragmatic management experience maximises the process, the value and the final outcome for the client.

Creating frameworks for success

Turning strategy, values and culture into the blueprint of individual behaviour and results is the only way to convert concepts to actual outputs.

At Performance Insights one of the key areas of specialisation is helping clients turn their strategic plans and values into something meaningful for all individual employees. We work in a highly collaborative way to understand what underpins success at all levels and we translate this success criteria into easily understood behaviours and key result areas. These capability frameworks become pivotal for almost all other HR initiatives - including selection, performance, development, coaching and training.

Approach & services include:

  • Identifying the criteria for success for the entire organisation, job families and specific roles
  • Articulating the discrete constructs and behaviours that differentiate high performance from the average
  • Ensuring frameworks reflects visionary and current behavioural aspirations
  • Mapping Key Result Areas onto relevant capabilities to ensure genuine integration of frameworks
  • A highly consultative process to harness the knowledge of informed stakeholders and increase buy-in and usability
  • The output is a comprehensive yet user-friendly capability framework
  • Advice provided on applying the capability framework to maximise its effectiveness in selection, performance, development, promotion and all talent strategies
  • A secondary output is a 'Contextual Insight Report' that highlights other key observations regarding the organisation's culture, climate and values - which can prove invaluable to senior management

Selecting for success

You wouldn't make a financial investment decision without conducting the necessary due diligence to protect your investment, so why make important people decisions without having access to the most comprehensive data.

At Performance Insights we know the importance of getting selection decisions right, and more critically we know the risks associated with getting the selection decisions wrong. As such, we apply the most comprehensive and contemporary assessment program. We also recognise the importance of promoting the best image to potential candidates and so offer the highest level of professionalism and candidate care during the assessment process.

Approach & services include:

  • Detailed role profiling to ensure the most appropriate assessment program is selected
  • Applying highly relevant assessment tools and methodologies to assess for role fit (including cognitive tests, personality and motivation profiles, simulations and interviews)
  • Integrating assessment data to evaluate the candidate's strengths and weaknesses against the success criteria
  • Clear recommendations made to the client through reports and/or feedback
  • Feedback offered to candidate whether appointed to role or not
  • Developmental coaching offered to successful candidates to maximise and fast-track performance in the new role

Developing for success

Striking the sensitive balance between performance and potential is what differentiates an effective developmental assessment - both are necessary to attain a complete picture of the individual.

At Performance Insights we understand the importance of developing talent and future leaders. However, before you invest in expensive development programs we believe it is essential that the organisation and the individual understands where the development focus needs to be. That is our area of specialisation.

Approach & services include:

  • Identifying the criteria against which individuals need to aspire (leadership or talent models)
  • Selecting the most relevant assessment techniques - drawing from a range of tests, personality and motivation profiles, role scenarios, 360° assessments, behavioural and career aspiration interviews.
  • Conducting the developmental assessments with target high potentials in either individual or group environments
  • Determining what strengths need to be nurtured and what development areas need to be improved
  • Creating a macro report and presentation to the client on organisational benchstrength
  • Providing detailed feedback to individuals to enhance their self insights regarding strengths and development areas
  • Collaborating with individuals to create the most relevant personal development plan to maximise the insights gained

Coaching for success

The coaching journey is often too well travelled without a destination being agreed or reached. When time is precious it's important to discriminate between a pleasant trip and a meaningful journey.

At Performance Insights we only accept coaching assignments where we are confident we can make a difference. We evaluate the requirements of the organisation and the aspiration of the individual and assess our own suitability for partnering on an executive coaching program. We draw from a wealth of coaching assignments with varied individuals in a range of industries to provide our clients with an experience that is meaningful and goal oriented.

Approach & services include:

  • A comprehensive review of needs and expectations of both the organisation (commissioning client) and the individual (coaching client)
  • The application of relevant tools to determine underlying attributes driving behaviour and results (personality and motivational drivers) and perceptions held by other stakeholders (360° assessments and appraisal data)
  • Establishing a clear starting point and desired end point with milestones and timeframes
  • Regular face-to-face meetings to support the individual through their journey
  • Access to additional support via phone and email
  • Regular progress updates to the commissioning client based on agreed disclosure parameters
  • Assignment review with coaching client to evaluate both the experience and the goals achieved