Sarah Kearney


Sarah Kearney is a Director of Performance Insights - an organisation which prides itself on the professional solutions delivered and the credible relationships developed with clients and stakeholders.

The core focus of Performance Insights is ‘people’ and the philosophy is to provide commercially relevant advice and solutions that make a real difference to people’s professional lives and deliver tangible benefits and results to clients. Being able to shape the values and philosophy of Performance Insights is one of the most exciting and attractive aspects of being a Director and owner of this company, and is just one of the reasons Sarah is passionate and optimistic about the future of Performance Insights – and its clients.

Since 2007 Sarah has developed extremely strong relationships with a number of select clients and she has helped create and deliver people related strategies that have met or exceeded the objectives and needs of her clients. Sarah’s client engagements have ranged from senior executive development programs to intense business mentoring relationships to the creation of high profile leadership capability frameworks used to drive cultural change. Also during this time Sarah has been immersed in the research and development of the Sales Performance Insight Questionnaire (SPI-Q) which is a revolutionary and unique sales assessment tool that was developed as a direct response to a very real market need, and was commercially launched in 2010.

Prior to forming Performance Insights Sarah was the Managing Director of SHL Australia (a highly successful global HR Consulting Organisation) for over six years and also assumed responsibility for the New Zealand business in her final year with SHL. Sarah had twelve years experience in a high profile consulting role, with the SHL Group.

As Managing Director (2001-2007), Sarah had ultimate responsibility for the overall business performance and best practice profile of SHL Australia and New Zealand. Throughout her tenure as MD the business consistently achieved both top and bottom line growth. She was responsible for the management and development of approximately 70 employees and formed part of the SHL Global Leadership team. Sarah was also a leading media spokesperson promoting the role of objective assessment in selection and development programs.

Prior to assuming the role of Managing Director, Sarah was the National Consultancy Director, where she was responsible for all of the HR consulting activity within SHL Australia.

Throughout her career as a Consultant, Sarah has been involved in hundreds of different projects focused on designing and implementing people management strategies. She has worked at all levels within the corporate environment and has spanned all industry spectres across many different geographic locations.

Sarah’s key professional interests include:

  • Enhancing the Leadership capability and pipeline within Australia through robust development programs & Executive Coaching Interventions
  • Creating leadership capability frameworks that clearly articulate leadership behaviours and criteria
  • Building and improving the sales capability of individuals, teams and organisations
  • Changing organisational culture to support new strategic challenges and objectives

Sarah achieves these outcomes by offering her clients a unique combination of high profile consulting expertise with real life leadership experience. The blend of best practice psychological principles with pragmatic management experience maximises the process, the value and the final outcome for the client.

She has a genuine knowledge, understanding and empathy for the challenges faced by Executives and Leaders within business and incorporates these insights into the solutions she designs.

Sarah has two primary aspirations before undertaking an assignment - firstly she needs to ascertain whether she can craft the right solution that will actually make a difference to her client and secondly she prefers to engage with clients who are looking to enjoy the experience, to learn and have fun. There has to be legitimacy and authenticity to the outcome and an enjoyment factor to the interaction and experience.